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Make the Cheapest Airline Ticket Booking from the Best Travel Portal
27.11.2013 12:55
The mushrooming of the domestic airlines has led to the availability of cheaper flight tickets. Moreover, the increase in the number of airlines is a boon to the economic travelers as there is a competition and it strives best to offer cheapest airline ticket booking.
The significant reason for the increase in the domestic airlines is the liberalization of the aviation industry. The ticket prices were amazingly cheaper a few years back owing the economic growth of the country. However, the current flight tickets have gone up with the economic slowdown of the country. Nevertheless, you can still get the low-cost air tickets through the best travel portals.
Some of the travel portals try their best to get tickets at low prices so as to provide cheap flight tickets to their customers. There are times when some airlines offer tickets at discounted rates on particular dates and occasion. Such travel portals are very alert for such discounts on several seasons and dates. That is the reason why the ticket prices vary among several websites. Hence, such travel portals get the tickets at cheaper prices as compared to other websites.
The airlines offering cheap flight tickets include Air India, three privately owned full service airlines, and five privately owned low-cost carriers. The discount offered by Air India are the youth discount (for below 20 years). GoAir is a low-cost carrier that was established in June 2004.  Indigo Air is yet another good low-cost carrier offering budget travel.
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